2010 Passion Into Action (l to r ) Linda Tarr-Whelan, Nina Simons, Rachel Barge, Gloria Feldt

See Jane Do, a multi-media social change program capturing the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet, are the producers of Passion Into Action.  This inspired gathering of hearts and minds was realized after an exciting year traveling across the nation to capture the incredible stories of everyday women who were doing extraordinary things for the planet, for the See Jane Do monthly radio show and website.

We wanted to design a conference that specifically served women in rural communities and small towns. These are places where small steps can lead to bigger changes at a rapid pace and community members are vested on a personal level in taking care of each other and the area in which they live.

Passion Into Action creates a space for the women in their community to meet, network and explore ideas on how to work together on one another’s projects and strengthen their community. Most important, the content of the event will hopefully transfer ideas into action. The event showcases real women with real solutions; mixing local and non-local leaders & visionaries, artists & musicians, mothers & grandmothers, teachers & students, homemakers & business owners among others.

Whether you’re seeking tools to fund your passion and business, connect with a group of like-minded women to support the good work you’re doing, or finding your voice and simplifying your life, we hope you find Passion Into Action to be an investment in your and our collective futures.

Passion Into Action Organizers

Elisa Parker is the co-founder, producer and host of the award winning program, See Jane Do.  As a social change organization, See Jane Do redefines media for women and the power of story to create positive change.  Serving as an activist for women, social justice, and the environment, Elisa’s work takes her around the world to discover and share the extraordinary stories and solutions in each of us.  Elisa reports for KVMR and has produced and hosted various radio and television programs that inform, engage and entertain the listener.  Elisa also holds years of experience in working with cutting edge organizations in order to reach their highest potential and unleash the talents of their team leaders and staff.  She holds a BA in Communications and a MA in Organization Development.  Elisa lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband and two daughters.

Jesse Locks is the co-founder and co-producer of the award-winning program, See Jane Do. For over ten-years, she has worked in independent music and publishing, most notably for the trailblazing and critically acclaimed Arthur Magazine. She is the Festival Director for the Nevada City Film Festival and the PR Director for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Jesse is a self-described culture change agent, interested in original ideas and how to cultivate and disseminate them through various forms of storytelling to promote activism and positive change. She is also deeply involved in the community serving as a UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, a Board of Director for the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, a Friendship Club Angel and a board member for the Sierra College Coordinating Council. Jesse graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Literature and Journalism.


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