Highlights from the 2011 Passion Into Action Conference

“Be the kind of woman who, upon getting up in the morning, places her feet upon the ground and the Devil says, ‘Oh crap. She’s up!'” ~Kathy LeMay

PIA crowd shot

It began to the beat of one drum as over 250 women joined together at the 2nd Annual Passion Into Action Women’s Conference in Grass Valley, CA. From the moving performance by the Feather River Singers, to opening up with Nina Simons, crying & laughing  with Kathy LeMay, being authentic and ready to lead with Tiffany Dufu, bringing women into circle with Jean Shinoda Bolen plus 17 amazing presenters, we are forever changed by this experience & thank each of you who participated in the event.

Nina Simons’ passion for cultivating women’s leadership and enhancing the planet is contagious and inspiring.  She did an incredible job of engaging the participants and providing a safe space for them to open up and share.  We so appreciate her ability to listen, her honesty and her sincerity.

Nina speaking to crowd

Kathy LeMay wowed us with her presentation.   We especially loved how she engaged the participants through her personal stories, out-of-the box thinking and sense of humor.  She has redefined philanthropy and how we can utilize our passion to be of service to each other.  While she has raised over $500 Million dollars for organizations she reminds us that giving to the greater good doesn’t require millions.

Kathy LeMay with finger

Tiffany Dufu, new President of The White House Project is striving to train 8,000 women to take the lead in the United States and there is no doubt that she will achieve that goal!  We especially appreciated her attention to authenticity and action in her presentation. It was such an honor to include Tiffany and two of her incredible team members, Liz Johnson and Nevada Littlewolf in the Passion Into Action line-up.  Liz and Nevada were extremely inspired and moved by the energy, enthusiasm, and passion of the attendees.  We hope to collaborate with The White House Project again in the future.

Tiffany Dufu

Activist and author Jean Shinoda Bolen is gathering women together and empowering them to create social change. Her personal stories around bringing women into circle, activism and her efforts to spearhead a 5th World Conference on Women are encouraging and hopeful.  Jean speaks from the heart and  inspires women to do what they love and share it with the world.

Jean Bolen 1

We are extremely grateful to the 17 talented and powerful women who took the time to share their passion and lead 15 workshops at the conference including: Patt Lind-Kyle, Kathleen McIntire, Sonika Tinker, Elizabeth Johnson, Jessica Reeder, Shawn Tuttle, Amber Clisura, Kim Stravers, Stacy Malkan, Carole Carson, Linda Joy Myers, Lisa Schrader, and to our Boston friends, Alexis Schroeder, Jeanne Dasaro, and Jennifer Cohen.  We wish Chameli Ardagh a quick recovery and look forward to partnering with her on future events.

Workshop leaders

A year of planning goes into organizing this conference and we couldn’t do it without your support.  A sincere thanks to our fantastic volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, Gather the Women, David Nicholson, Kial James, Haute Trash, Summer Thymes, Briar Patch, the Center for the Arts, Friendship Club, Sierra Mentoring Partnership, Sugar & Oats, Suzie Daggett, APPLE, Women Worldwide, Blossom Organics, Veritea, Nana’s Baked Goods, Mayor Jan Arbuckle, Council Member Reinette Senum, Dawn Lorraine, Oberon, KVMR, Stephanie Camp, Jennifer Hall, Sadie Wight, supporters, friends, family and extraordinary participants who helped to create the magic of Passion Into Action.

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2011 Passion Into Action Agenda

Start planning now!  Download the 2011 Passion Into Action Agenda.

Official 2011 Passion Into Action Poster!

Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Moved

Join today’s leading women’s speakers and activists at See Jane Do’s 2nd Annual Passion Into Action: A Women’s Conference. See Jane Do will host world renowned speakers and over a dozen workshop leaders on self development, green living, health & wellness, leadership and the value of you.

Passion Into Action, Friday & Saturday, April 29 & 30, Holiday Inn Express, 121 Bank Street, Grass Valley, CA featuring special guests Nina Simons of Bioneers, Marie Wilson of the White House Project, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Kathy LeMay and many more.

“Passion Into Action is like falling in love.  If you fall in love deeply enough with that which really matters to you, everything opens from there.” – Chameli Ardagh

“Get in touch with your story and sing, sing, sing because now is the time and the world is crying to hear our song.” – Reinette Senum

“The country is ready for your message.  The country is ready for our message.  The world is ready for our message.  A movement isn’t a movement unless it’s moving.”  It’s about putting our beliefs and our passion into action.” – Gloria Feldt

“You could see what the outcome of this conference is…it’s a way for women to voice what the issues of the day are, how we can improve our community, the nation, our planet.  It provided me with inspiration, but also tools.” – Elaine Sierra

“What an extraordinary day you two did an incredible job of choosing the right people, organizing the whole event and creating an energy that was so uplifting.” – Patt Lind-Kyle