Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Moved

Join today’s leading women’s speakers and activists at See Jane Do’s 2nd Annual Passion Into Action: A Women’s Conference. See Jane Do will host world renowned speakers and over a dozen workshop leaders on self development, green living, health & wellness, leadership and the value of you.

Passion Into Action, Friday & Saturday, April 29 & 30, Holiday Inn Express, 121 Bank Street, Grass Valley, CA featuring special guests Nina Simons of Bioneers, Marie Wilson of the White House Project, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Kathy LeMay and many more.

“Passion Into Action is like falling in love.  If you fall in love deeply enough with that which really matters to you, everything opens from there.” – Chameli Ardagh

“Get in touch with your story and sing, sing, sing because now is the time and the world is crying to hear our song.” – Reinette Senum

“The country is ready for your message.  The country is ready for our message.  The world is ready for our message.  A movement isn’t a movement unless it’s moving.”  It’s about putting our beliefs and our passion into action.” – Gloria Feldt

“You could see what the outcome of this conference is…it’s a way for women to voice what the issues of the day are, how we can improve our community, the nation, our planet.  It provided me with inspiration, but also tools.” – Elaine Sierra

“What an extraordinary day you two did an incredible job of choosing the right people, organizing the whole event and creating an energy that was so uplifting.” – Patt Lind-Kyle