2011 Passion Into Action Workshops

Defining You

1. From Fear into Freedom-Riding the Waves of the Seven C’s – Kathleen McIntire

2. Tapping into Your Passion – Patt Lind-Kyle

3. Telling Your Story: How to Write a Powerful Memoir – Linda Joy Myers

Taking Care of You

1. How to Kick Ass Without Kicking Your Own Ass- Shawn Tuttle

2. Fitness Made Simple: Three Steps to a Healthier You- Carole Carson

3. The Possibility of Relationship: Creating Relationships That Call You to Rise! – Sonica Tinker

Green Living

1.   Upcycle Your Life – Jessica Reeder & Amber Clisura

2.   Uniting & Igniting Communities Around Green Issues – Kim Stravers

3.   Plate to Politics- The White House Project with Elizabeth Johnson and Nevada Littlewolf

The Value of You

1. The Girlcott: 5 Strategies for How Women Can Change the World in 2011 – Stacy Malkan

2. Raising Money in Rural Communities – The White House Project with Elizabeth Johnson and Nevada Littlewolf

3.   Navigating a Path to a Career in Public Service- A Roadmap for Creating Social Impact- Alexis Schroeder and Jeanne Dasaro of New Prosperity Initiative

Leading Your Life

1.  Blueprint for Change: The White House Project with Elizabeth Johnson and Nevada Littlewolf

2. Exquisite Sufficiency: Source Your Passion and Move to Effortless Action- Jennifer Cohen of Seven Stones Leadership

3. Everything Begins with One Step: Discover the Power of Commitment- Chameli Ardagh

Meet the 2011 Passion Into Action Workshop Leaders

Alexis Schroeder: Alexis is the Co-founder of The New Prosperity Initiative, an organization that publicizes the efforts of individuals and organizations working to build social and economic prosperity. Alexis is a freelance writer and editor and Program Associate at The Berkana Institute with a knack for connecting people and ideas. In addition to developing the NPi business, she serves as NPi’s Managing Editor.

Amber Clisura is a fashion designer ( who is currently 3 months into her Year of No Pants (

Carole Carson: When she tipped the scale at 182 pounds with a 5 foot-one inch frame, Carole tookthe initiative to change her lifestyle and regain her health.  The success of her fitness transformation was based on getting fit along with others, changing her eating habits, and having fun.  Carole’s experience inspired the creation of the Community Meltdown, which was featured in the media worldwide.  Following the success of the event she wrote the book, From Fat to Fit:  Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction so that others might choose to get fit in their own communities.  Carole was named “An Apostle for Fitness” by The Wall Street Journal and has been seen on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, and MSNBC’s Countdown.

Chameli Ardagh: Chameli is a leading pioneer in contemporary feminine spirituality, and she has inspired thousands of women around the world through her breakthrough methods for living and embodying  feminine brilliance. She is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty.  She is initiator of a global network of groups for women, and the author of three books on feminine empowerment and spirituality, which have been published in three languages.

Elizabeth Johnson: As The White House Project’s Midwest Regional Director, Liz Johnson manages the Vote, Run, Lead program in the region. She is a seasoned organizer and is dedicated to building advancing women leaders in community and politics. Since graduating from Grinnell College with a degree in Political Science, she has served as a Program Officer for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, Legislative Consultant to the Minnesota Welfare Rights Coalition, Director of Low Income People Organizing for Power in Duluth and Community Organizer for both the Duluth and St. Paul Tenants Unions. Johnson is the recipient of the Minnesota Housing Partnership Right to Housing Award and The Minnesota Women’s Press Changemaker Award for her work to advance women leaders in Minnesota.

Jeanne Dasaro: Jeanne is a social entrepreneur/activist with extensive experience in nonprofit management, event planning, project planning, and community journalism. In addition to her work with The New Prosperity Initiative (NPi), she is owner of Plan-It Green Consulting and Events and the creator of the purposeful networking group, Wonder Women of Boston.

Jennifer Cohen: Jennifer co-founded Seven Stones Leadership Group, a consulting consortium, where she teaches a unique model of leadership development and is pioneering work in moving organizations and individuals to a partnership model of living and leading based on the mind set and practice of Exquisite Sufficiency first offered by Buckminster Fuller and popularized by Lynne Twist. Jennifer’s fresh approach is informed by communication theories ranging from quantum physics and philosophy to neuroscience and Somatics.

Jessica Reeder: She is the managing editor of Love and Trash, and the author of Uprooted, an eco/travel blog

Kathleen McIntire: Kathleen maintains the website, and her intention is to bring forward the Divine Feminine energies on our planet to create a world of love and oneness that works for all life.  The purpose of is to be a voice for the Transformation of consciousness on our planet, a vehicle for truth, empowerment, liberation and awakening for all of us.

Kim Stravers: is the co-founder and community engagement director for the Mammoth Lakes Trails & Public Access Foundation (MLTPA), a nonprofit that advocates for and actively participates in the planning, implementation, and stewardship of outdoor-recreation opportunities in Mammoth Lakes, California, and neighboring areas. Along with John Wentworth, Kim  co-founded MLTPA in 2007 and has since accomplished, with their public- and private-sector partners, an incredible amount of work, including the update of the Town’s 18-year-old Trail System Master Plan; the creation of a historic trail-system Memorandum of Understanding, which now has the support of 10 signatories that include the U.S. Forest Service; the development of the region’s first-ever recreation geodatabase; the passage of Measure R, a local sales-tax initiative that collects nearly $800,000 per year for the sole benefit of parks, trails, and recreation; the founding of Mammoth Trails, a unique coalition of diverse outdoor-recreation user groups; the facilitation of numerous community-driven, multi-jurisdictional, collaborative recreation-planning efforts; and the co-establishment of the annual Mammoth Lakes Summer of Stewardship program.

Linda Joy Myers: Linda is the author of The Power of Memoir–How to Write Your Healing Story and Don’t Call Me Mother. Linda has been a therapist in Berkeley for over thirty years, and combines her background in art, clinical work, and writing in her work. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College, and offers unique memoir workshops and trainings in the Bay Area and nationally. She is former president of the California Writers Club, Marin branch, and a member of Women’s National Book Association. Myers is an award-winning fiction, poetry, and non-fiction writer.

Nevada Littlewolf: Nevada Littlewolf is The White House Project’s Rural Leadership Field Organizer. Nevada planned and implemented the truly historic rural training that adapted the Go Run political leadership training model to the needs of a rural community. Nevada is a member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and was the first Native American and only woman currently elected to the Virginia, MN City Council. Nevada’s life experience provides insightful knowledge of rural communities along with a unique cultural perspective that bolsters the work of the Minnesota team.

Patt Lind-Kyle, MA, is an author, teacher, therapist, speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her research, writing, and teaching centers on using an EEG brainwave monitoring system to help people maximize their brain-mind potentials. Her recent book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain won the Independent Publishers gold medal award in the Health/Wellness category. Patt has written a chapter in Audacious Aging, and she is also the author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up.

Shawn Tuttle: “Let it be easy!” is the core sentiment behind her unique approach, and it comes from more than thirteen years of experience managing the things that strike fear into the heart of independent professionals everywhere: bookkeeping, organization, office management. Paperwork. Tax preparation. The little details. The big projects. Bureaucracy. Time management. Shawn has worked with many small businesses and understands the varied approaches required for operation, prioritization, and flexibility. She has created, organized, maintained, and documented the major systems (bookkeeping, databases, filing etc.) for small businesses; she has monitored budgets and dealt with all the various items that run through the office of a statewide non-profit. She knows all the different tasks that can face businesses and organizations, because she has done all those tasks–as an employee, as a freelance consultant, and now as the head of her own business.

Sonika Tinker: Sonika is the founder of LoveWorks, and is passionately committed to empowering men and women to create powerful successful relationships and to live deeply inspired lives.  She is an energetic, inspiring, educational coach, leader and speaker who is recognized for her deep loving presence, her authentic, candid honesty, her laser insight, cutting edge content and practical tools for change. Sonika’s inspiring teaching & coaching includes humorous and moving stories and exercises designed to motivate and educate, all accompanied by a contagious laugh no one ever forgets.

Stacy Malkan: Stacy is a co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and author of the award-winning book, “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.” The book tells the inside story of the unprecedented research and advocacy efforts of the group of women who created the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and built a national movement to shift the $50 billion beauty industry away from harmful chemicals and toward safer products.  Since 2001, Stacy has also worked as Communications Director of Health Care Without Harm, an international coalition working to reduce the environmental impact of the health care industry.


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